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beware of dog, by Daniela Elza

October 8, 2009


the neighbours are on vacation
took the dog with them. asked me
to keep an eye on the house
I watch                                                                                  
the garden      	slowly fall
prey to weeds.    its fingertips
awaken                    blooms
      in unexpected           places
    the quiet
months of 	summer’s
creeping	   out of flower beds
reaching over fences.
re-defining     yard
my dandelions 	thriving without
the use-your-weedkill  look.

the owners are	     away
took the bb-gun with them.
birds grace	 this explosion
of pods		 fruit
bees feast on 	untamed pollen

the lawn		un-touched
regains memory of seed.

this morning I misread the sign
on their gate
beware of god.

                           first published in dANDelion (June 2007).
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