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Lament for Mulliativu, by Sarah Dobbs

October 20, 2009
Tsunami Hand

Tsunami Hand

Oh green lush Sri Lanka,
Teardrop of India,
The world weeps for you, and leaves
Unwanted salt water tears
To flush away memories.

Such betrayal from Mother Ocean,
Once nurturing and generous,
A deep rumbling within her womb
Angered her to rise and lash out at your people
For whom loss is not foreign

Surviving fisherfolk!
Cast your nets around her waist
Hold tightly for fear of being lost
And wail for those bodies held
Deep within her grasp.


The Tamils say the the Tsunami was the second disaster for them, the first being the civil war. I visited Mulliativu (and other towns behind Tamil Tiger lines) five weeks after the 2004 Tsunami, in which 5,000 of the 25,000 souls were taken by the sea. It is believed that human induced global warming causes extremes and frequency in weather events such as tsunamis and flooding and continues to devestate people’s lives throughout the globe.

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