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One Step Forward Two Steps Back, by Angelica Poversky, Age 11

October 29, 2009

As my pencil touches the paper,

My hopes that my thoughts won’t go to waste,

The paper that I am holding

Has lived in that disgrace.

Not being given the highest hope,

Not being used in every way,

Living-care free,

Should not see another day.

Everything that others want,

It will never be true,

If what’s said isn’t done,

If what the earth wants you don’t do.

The grass will be green,

As the winds continue to sing,

The ongoing nature repeats,

Considered on what we bring.

A life full of adventures,

May be turned into a troubled place,

If every move that is placed forward we take a step back,

If each time you higher your speed you lower your pace.

One chance,

One way,

Start this,

Make this your first day.

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