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About Bridge to a Cool Planet Communal Writer’s Blog

Welcome to Bridge to a Cool Planet’s blog for creative writers.

On this communal blog we invite ALL WRITERS of ALL LANGUAGES to submit short pieces of fiction, poetry, short scripts and creative non-fiction on the theme of climate change, nature, sustainability, community and social change.

Bridge to a Cool Planet was a successful grass-roots community event that took place on October 24th, 2009 on the Cambie Bridge, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This was a grassroots event that called on people from all communities and all ethnicities: artists, business people, families – any who are concerned about the impacts of climate change – to show their support for government to negotiate a strong climate change agreement at the UN Copenhagen Conference this coming December by participating in Bridge to a Cool Planet. Bridge to a Cool Planet continues to build bridges and to grow the movement. Follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook page and join the continuing discussion.

Prior to October 24th, 2009, Bridge to a Cool Planet held a contest. Prizes were awarded for:  Best Children’s Poem, Best Children’s Short Fiction/Non-fiction, Best Adult Poem, and Best Short Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction/One-Act Play.

The contest is now closed. To see the Contest Winners click here.

We invite published writers and novices alike, artists and school groups to send us Microsoft Word, .jpg and .tif files.  You can POST your writing AS A COMMENT and it will be posted permanently by our blog masters OR send us your writing by EMAIL TO:

We encourage courteous and respectful comments and dialogue in response to any posts on this blog.

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